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2009 Back to Nature - YOLO Boarding, YouTube

Watch beginners get up and go on Western Lake, a rare coastal dune lake on the Emerald Coast of NW Florida, USA at the SWCC Back to Nature event, October 18, 2009. YOLO boarding is a special flavor of stand-up paddling (SUP). YOLO stands for You Only Live Once; so it is good to yolo now! The board is steadier than a surf board, smaller than a kayak, and easier to paddle than a canoe. Developed, rented, and sold on this very lake, yoloing is a local home-grown sport. Fantastically fun. Each stroke unifies body and mind in a single effort coursing through your body from head and arms to toe. The full body workout is especially good for the abs.

We tried several YOLO board versions. The foam covered with epoxy types are like surf boards: easy to turn, fast, and light (~ 30 lbs.). The choice for stability, the Yak of molded polyethylene like a sit-atop kayak, with recessed deck, keels (underwater ridges on either side), is heavy (~ 60 lbs.). Having tried both, I'll choose the light one next time. See the location on a Google map.

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