How to use 5-fold Unison, the Expansion of Consciousness Game

This movie shows how to use the game prototype. The layout is based on the EIE, a structure of expanded consciousness when five brain cells (seen as five cubes) synergize, rotating and functioning together.

Five lower star pentagon nodes link to five solutions to world problems. The ones here are for example. In a game, these would be chosen randomly from the Google Project, the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, SuperStruct, and a growing database of solutions. The player studies these and begins to see how they can work together.

Five upper star pentagon nodes hold five cubical brain cells. Each one would have a different focus, purpose, and functionality. Hovering over a node reveals the duo-tet light muscle (TLM) within. Choosing a node by clicking it causes all five TLMs to synergize, symbolized by moving together, forming an icosidodecahedron at the top star pentagon.

A text box opens for recording thoughts about the process. In a working game, this and more inputs would be stored online. It could be retrieved for further play, linking or as input with other solutions, or sent to other destinations.

Clicking the rainbow drop button in the upper left corner restarts the layout with different randomly-generated colors. Clicking a color stone transparentizes it. The color potential of the game is undeveloped. The background graphic shows flow and growth. It could be movies or other views conducive to solutions.

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To see the progressive downloading movie on this page, you need get Flash Flash 9+. Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing.

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