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A vision last Sunday of lightning jags coming up with the spiral stacks in the deer lichen (commonly called deer moss). Seemed familiar, but I couldn't remember the significance. Remembered it was associated with glow beams. Looked at the movie today and found they are Connectors. I saw them as essentially part of what I now call "MindField", when I did Wonder in Aliceland. Associated with higher emotions, aura and all. So appropriate. How fascinating that they connect that way with field of plants.


Researching the word "MindField". Wow there are 71 instances of mind-field on swamij.com. chitta = minds, fields of consciousness. So this is not the same as the way I use MindField, connecting all.


Connectors move at least the speed of light. No way to represent the movement. What we have in showing movement is possible freeze frames, like how it would look if there were time to do freeze frames, which there isn't. At first this insight appeared as a large set connectors, like cutout signs, all the same, like stuck in the ground. Like those big fingers they use at spectator sports, cut out of foam. Took awhile to realize that the connectors are as I assumed at first, dynamic, like lightning.

See MindField Connectors.

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