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B2N06 - State Forest Walk and Talk

This page will have video clips and more images, many identifying specific plants. Here is the SWCC description of the Back to Nature 2006 event:

State Forest Walk and Talk
1-2:30 p.m.
Saturday, October 21
Take a fun and informative hike through the varied natural habitats of the Pt. Washington State Forest. Identify the fall-blooming wildflowers that grow amid the native plant communities of sandhills and flatwoods, and learn firsthand the vital role of fire in keeping these habitats healthy. The hike is led by Christian Wagley and horticulturist Snookie Parrish. Meet at the Eastern Lake Trail parking area, on the east side of Hwy. 395.



The trail head is on C. R. 395. mapThe hike started at the P (for parking), on trails not shown on the map of the Eastern Lake Trail System in the forest.

Geographic coordinates (P)

Latitude: 30° 20 ' 30.8" N
Longitude: 86° 7 ' 52.5" W
Elevation: approximately 35 feet

See the official park page. Back to Back to Nature or Lookout 2006.

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