To control spin, in either movie, Use keyboard arrow keys
Synchronized but offset 180 degrees

Eyes in Back of Head - Eastern Lake, afternoon

Imagine that you had eyes in the back of your head. You could simultaneously see what is directly behind you, as well as what is straight ahead. Two versions of the same QTVR, synchronized 180 degrees from each other, simulate this state on an afternoon at Eastern Lake, Florida. The two views tilt in reverse too. That is, when you look up ahead, you look down behind.

Caroling photographed and stitched the photos and created the skull mask. Steve Haan wired a sprite and scripting to place the two QTVRs in a single shell QuickTime movie. Bill Meikle provided the VRHotWires software and discussion forum for teamwork.

I know the movie is processor-intensive and might fail or have unacceptably poor performance due to inadequate computer, display, or network conditions. Say this experiment should run well on a newer and relatively more capable Mac or PC. I still have one problem: the panning does not drag well. In fact, it spins too fast. I'd like a solution to this problem, ensuring that panning speed tracks the dragging cursor position. It needs to go as slow or as fast as I'd like to look at it.

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