Back to Nature 2004 event proposal

Back to Nature Participants Experience Proposal includes a workshop about putting your experience into a creative form and a web site to display results. Create a record of your Back to Nature experience. Share it with others on the web.

This session starts off the weekend. It is about taking pictures for web publication. But it can include art, writing, or anything that expresses a personal view of what happens when we go back to nature here, at this time. The purpose of the publication so participants can learn about other sessions, in addition to improving recording skills and providing an archive of the event itself. A handout outlines how to prepare materials for publication and upload them to the web site. Optionally, they can prepare their own sites and provide links only.

The session wraps up by going around the circle offering tips and describing their approach. Digital or film cameras are welcome. Art, writing or music can be composed after the event but be inspired by it. Back to Nature is an activity that can live on in our shared imaginations and published book of memories. The results can vary from simple scrapbook to multimedia presentation.

I'll work with entry forms, which might include online evaluation form and the web site design. Details as to SWCC web site. Need a place for the workshop. Guidelines for submissions. Web site needs input forms capable of storing participants' data and dynamically displaying them on the web. Compute statistics, such as compiling results of evaluation form.

Another try:

How was it? Your response, creation, or evaluation. Mini session, workshop on bringing it back and presenting.

The intro will include consideration of the audience. If it is just yourself, that's OK, you are preparing a record to remind yourself of the experience. If it is members of this group, you might consider their orientation and interests in what and how you present. If it is the whole Back to Nature public, you might consider what someone who isn't here would like to know. The intro will say we're here for nature and recording the experience, first this event, and second as part of the website. The simplest form of feedback is the evaluation form. About the web portion, need to develop demo web site. Input of info is fairly easy. Coming are tabulation and presentation of evaluation and participants results. Uploading photos, video, and audio has special requirements. Due to uncertain nature of workload, not sure how much I can accomplish this year. But the workshop is the first step. Web implementation might have to wait until next year. Unless you find someone else to do it.

See views from Lookout 2003, the SWCC's ecofest, the Back to Nature weekend of November 8-9, 2003.

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