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Let's talk about the future. We'll focus on the change of a millennium, but our timeframe is ongoing. We won't stop with the millennium, Y2K (the year 2000, which began the countdown to the official start of the new millennium in 2001, Y2K1). We'll raise our sites (and sight) to the next one, Y3K (the year 3000).

We might meet at a lookout over an ancient forest near the sea. It's a great place to get together for an overview of issues that seem beyond us, to bring up insoluble problems that we must solve. We can make milestones for where we'd like to go in the next thousand years. Is that time enough? We will do it in time?

How about the lookout tower in the Waipoua Kauri Forest Sanctuary in northwest New Zealand? I suggest we meet there virtually. Photos. The reasons that we can't meet there physically are a list of the kinds of problems we have everywhere. Conflicts exist between:

And mosquitoes. However, the kokako bird sound is instantly transporting. Play sound of the kokako bird. See kokako bird at Kiwi Wildlife Tours site (bottom of page).) This sound is a link to the Kiwi Wildlife Tours site, where you hear the sound of the little spotted kiwi. (Very uplifting! Play sound of kiwi.) That site has a splendid gallery of bird sounds and photos. It's a good place to wander as you prepare for the millennium moment. Here's a Wholeo Online sort of celebration or online steps to our success. For a year-long millennium moment, see the happy whole day page, December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2001.

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