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This is a letter received on the New Year's Day, 1998.

Dear Caroling:

I wanted to write to introduce myself to you. I've followed your postings to Talk 2000 and have enjoyed your contributions.

My name is Nancy and I'm partner in The Destinations 2000 Travel Collection. My partner Charlene and I created this company out of the recognition of a need to fill the gap between all the information (and growing daily!) about Millennium events and celebrations (both large and personal) and how would adventurous travelers would get themselves to the world's great destinations to celebrate the Millennium.

We launched our website about a month ago and already it's have very rewarding to hear from people around the world who are excited about creating a memorable experience for themselves to greet the New Millennium.

If you visit our website at http://www.destinations2000.com/ you'll find about 200 hundred trips (with another 70 to be added next week). While I'm pleased with the work we've done this far to bring all this information together in one source, I've been frustrated by my inability to locate more trips of a wholistic nature. Most of the trips thus far are of the "touristy / cruise line" variety. While I'm not knocking them, because they will provide access for a great many people to a wonderful travel experience, I know that there is great demand for trips of the wholistic nature. An experience where people of like minds can gather together for a peaceful, spiritual connection to honor the world.

In visiting your site, I appreciate your great love for New Zealand and also appreciate your care not to overrun such a pristine place with revelers. In fact, we're seeing a growing numbers of trips to the world's "most" places - millennium climbs of Kilimanjaro and other mountains, the equator, where two oceans meet, double millennium celebrations, etc. Again, it's people's desire to somehow maximize the experience that is leading to these kinds of creative trips itineraries.

To get to my purpose in writing, I wonder if you might consider working with us to develop a millennium trip. It's presumptuous of me to ask, perhaps you've already begun to plan your millennium to one of the world's quiet spots. But if not, might you consider working with us to develop an itinerary to one of the world's special places and to develop a program that not only addresses people's need to travel but also their need for a program that nourishes their spirit. I'd envision this being limited to a small group.

If you think you might like to be involved with this, I'd welcome the opportunity for us to kick this idea around. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Nancy M. Zerfoss
Email: d2ktrips@aol.com
Web site: Destinations 2000

Note from Caroling:
My answer is that I don't have time--too many prior committments. However, it's a facinating concept for someone, so I'm glad to publish it. Please contact Nancy directly at the email address above.

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