Lookout for 2000, celebration site

This page describes the millennium celebration site. It is a quiet lookout for you and your guests. For ideas about how to participate at the lookout, virtually, see celebration.html and the happy whole day page, December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2001. Here is a shelter from the weather and a table. The table serves your need. The glass top could be any of these: a bead in the glass bead game, an altar, a writing pad, a water bottle holder. Under the glass is now empty, ready for your input.

Click one of the three small pictures inserted above to see a larger version of that picture in a separate popup window. Or see the online exhibit, Millennium: Lookout and Lookin. This artwork is based on the lookout images in combination with the ancient bristlecone pine medicine wheel. New Zealand mixes and turns with California in panoramas and QuickTime Virtual Reality.

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