Color healing for Amy, spring, 1998


The color of life--vivid flame in the night comes to animate and sustain. The green growth and pastel light aspiration to the right. The rich purple spiritual attainment to the left, arcing up lighter to the evolutionary path up left is zinged with chartreuse high, or node of ascension. To me, that is the color of an ally, spirit guide or angel. To you, I get that it could be the spring growth path.

That leaves the primary red node. Could see it as aligned with the firey background. See it as hot setting for a being type that I know as Metatron. He is the first 5 whole light being (5WLB) leader that came to me. On the Wholeo colored light path to wholeness, I've met clusters of 5 spirits that are either aspects of a single being or synergizing, working together.

By the way, I'm hearing that for you, "colored light" might be sound words of some kind not easily found in my vocabulary. In other words, I see the vibrations as color, but it is just as true to hear them as sounds. Those distinctions have to do with our earth body sensors, eyes and ears, but the information is vibrations.

Let's call Metatron Red. The inner circle of colors is your left and right brain in lilac and turquoise, premiere new age colors, especially when you were growing up in late 60's and 70's. Between them is the corpus callosum bridging the sides, here indeterminant, a color shaft of light connecting to other dimensions. I get that Red is bringing your passion to aid the angel (chartreuse) of your ascension, which is quite ready to express in very down to earth terms without compromising the spirit.

In the red Red node, the breakthrough (infinity runesign) touches wholeness (zigzag) signaling a development of consciousness. Ahh, that relates to harvest (black rune) too. The B runesign is the strength to travel to the goal of harvesting the point. That could simply mean you could meditate better or remember and act on your dreams.

Be prepared that when the breakthrough does come, it will be superconductive. Stay grounded. The other B rune connects the temple of your focused and spiritually informed consciousness with the journey through aura to the goa.

The "harvest of the point" is most commonly expressed as centering. But it is lots more than that. It could be that focus on surviving and fruits of earth effort might be obscuring the point. Polish the mirror, in zen terms.

Kundalini energy is seething or prepped, ready to go. Really unsure what if anything that means to you. It is something to investigate when there is time. When I was in Boulder I took free lessons in Kundalini yoga taught by a disciple of Yogi Bhajan. She taught us some exercises in "Breath of Fire". Hmm, that fits this healing. That is pranayama, yoga of breathing, absorbing vitality through breathing and applying it to expansion of consciousness.

The C rune is initiation to ascension in light orchid aura. Now a restatement. You are being offered initiation, strength of opening consciousness, and breakthrough to wholeness in your goal to harvest the power of the point.

Sorry to digress. Also sorry that my summation for this healing is a paradox. All this passionate activity and energy is to get to the nonexistent, obscure, and hidden point. Could call it the occult unknown. It is not clear what happens after the point is attained.


colorRune healing

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