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Color Healing with iBar Tetrahelix, Full

Wrinkle in Time 10th Anniversary Tribute

This QuickTime panorama is a multiimage, multipurpose movie.Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated). See the fixed size.

The world map shows night and day at the moment of the December, 2007 solstice: 6:08 UTC. The color healing I generated at that time is for the new year and the World Wide Panorama Wrinkle in Time 10th Anniversary Tribute. The iBar tetrahelix encircles the globe to cinch/sync the good vibes and synergy. Also to elicit awareness of MindField.

A color healing is a geometric form whose colors are randomly generated. This tribute has a green background and several green nodes, which to me indicates fresh growth and harmony. The single gold, blue and orchid nodes spark wisdom, intuition, and spirituality. But I let colors speak directly; it can be misleading to label them.

Optionally one can add randomly colored and positioned runestones and runesigns to the healing. Rune casting is an ancient tradition developed in northern Europe. This healing has signals and spine near the full moon on the world map. That could signify that the nervous system is aligned with world events and celestial bodies. Above is movement. Priest and prayer lead downwards to harvest, wholeness, breakthrough, prototet, and point below. That could indicate a focus on wholly increasing a breakthrough. Perhaps related to how far Wrinklers have come in 10 years. For me there is a sense of value and achievement in continuing this endeavor. Please blog your interpretations on the Wholeo blog.

The tetrahelix structure is composed of face-bonded tetrahedrons. The edges form a triple-helix.

The Soundtrack is the end of "Conscience" from the website The Voice of the Heart at This French initiative invites us all to sing from our hearts starting on December 21, 2007. This event continues until December 21, 2012. The site is available in six languages.

Requires QuickTime . See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime VR movies, at Wholeo Online. See each of these source images separately:

wwp logo See an original Wrinkle in Time page as justification and precedent for using color healing as a panoramic source. My entry in the Wrinkle in Time 10th Anniversary Tribute 2007 is located in Artistica. WWP badge This is a non-photographic region of panoramic paintings featuring the colorful badge shown here.

See also a java applet version.

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