The date of the first full moon past the June solstice seems like an opportunity for galaxy people connection and experiencing the power of the full moon lineup. The healing is full of those light cosmic juice colors, the rose love, and the XWC (Chaos Winds of Change) shadows. The order of runecasting: initiation, warrior (self bone), warrior, tetrahedron, partnership, harvest, meditation, defense, possessions. (Refer to the chart at for the signs and the words.) In the QTVR, you can see the celestial sphere and labels of the star chart. The movie opens as you see the arrow pointing to the sun at the June solstice near Gemini -- looking out toward the outer edge of the galaxy, where some runes cluster. If you follow the blue arc, a great circle, you run into another cluster of colors at the other side, looking towards the center of the galaxy. The partly covered sign is another warrior pointing up and out from the center. I think of the "warrior" more as a self, so there is one self near the sun and another near the moon.

I'm seeing an animal or lying down nature basing in the sun vs. an upright or risingup nature evolving over the moon . The moon self is in green near the undivided tet, inititation, defense (spine), and partnership (chakras, hard to see, the scarlet X on magenta). In the night, rise to your deepest aspirations and intuitions letting them initiate your chakras and spine.

The self near the sun is in magenta and is clustered with harvest, possessions (manifestation) and meditation signs. In the day, harvest the manifestation of meditation on action. The bright magenta is a temple for yourself, to honor and celebrate.

Golden wisdom color means you are ready to be more conscious of your processes and take responsibility for your dreams. The greens are growth energy. Darks here are not bad. They are night, moon, a setting for the buried or ready to manifest, the center of the galaxy. The medium rose is the divine love to channel to your process. The light orchid is evolutionary aura.

Felt like solar plexus cleansing of aura for all involved. Especially for healing receiver, sensed bad connection to XWC (Chaos Winds of Change), birth spirits, ancestors, festering possessions that are simply misinterpretations and bad relationships with related entities or could even just be one. Informed them, lightened them and the connection, asked for positivity. Strange how many words are needed to try to feebly express a healing desire that is so direct to enact. The shadows are the outer aspects of aura, transformed to colors for healing.

The light of the sun shines on the moon for us, full. For the galaxy people, the sun's aura glows around the dark moon. Same moon. You need to protect self in initiation to the tetrahedrons (elementary truth) somehow. In blissfully experiencing the color messages. Not too much thought.

There is now an opposite colored alternate version of the healing and a page where you can view both at once. It has some suggestions for color breathing. I hope it is fun and perhaps the start of new adventures of your own.