Here is a look at your color healing. Lately, I've been leaving the celestial sphere out of healings, to see just the pure color. The Live Picture viewer version is pure color. The other two versions show the star map. The QTVR version shows the star map with labels for the celestial equator, constellations, and four season locations of the sun.

I'm reminded of someone I met on the boat on a trip to Europe in the 1950s. This person had gone to Canada in search of a new life because it was supposed to be "booming", but didn't find his opportunity there. So he was coming back to the UK with more perspective to start life anew where he had left off. The mother was cosy and hospitable and helpful, up in Scotland, but knew the old country ways weren't enough for her son. The woman friend in the rooming house near London needed a spark, needed to breathe freely and get value from that breath, but didn't realize this would come from within. I'm also remembering the large alley cat curled on a box in the alley, blended in - the only sure and completely serene being around. This memory is so clear and keen that I take it for the allegory of today.

I don't know the moral of the story. Also, I'm stuck on the interpretation. When I first saw the healing I was very excited. The colors seem so driving, yet effervescent and energizing in a unique way. The runesigns seem to relate meaningfully to the star map. But I can't seem to verbalize the meaning. Maybe I 'll try to state the relationships that seem significant, for starters. There are three chakra runes (X, on the chart, partnership/self) strung out horizontally. Two on the celestial equator, which relates to the equator of earth. The deep blue near the galactic core and the manifest rune (December and Sagittarius) are near the milky way, the disk of our galaxy. The green chakra (X) is opposite the blue, in Orion, near June. The third X is in Aquarius, on the ecliptic, away from the galaxy disk. I could see these as three kinds of personality systems or traits or kinds of energy processes. Like a very complex person functioning on several levels, each in tune with larger patterns. Maybe I could relate these to the places in the allegory: Canada, London, and Scotland.

There are two self/female runesigns. One, near Deneb in Cygnus, which for me is the evolutionary direction. Linked by the more orange than the orange background runestone. This could relate to the woman friend in the allegory. Give that woman a lighter. The other female is in Pieces but more importantly near the grey pentagon. The pile of green, R and V (open) runes are also on a grey node. The greys are heart and Muzlo, the ones who nurture and bring us back into orbit from the path to infinity. The R is open to adventure. But the greys are the unknown. This could relate to the mother.

Now there is a trio starting with the M for movement (barely visible with turquoise runestone on the equator near Canis Minor) , B for vigor (strength/fighting in Ursa Major), and H for guidance (disruption). Perhaps these are the eyes of the cat who is not moving. The best I can come up with is the idea of moving with the strong guidance, keeping the three energy centers balanced. I'm hoping you can fill in the blanks that make this healing meaningful to you.

Whirling around in the colors is tonic.