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Subject:   March 20-21, 1999: humanity, together for the goodness of the planet,
Resent-Date:   Sun, 25 Oct 1998 07:14:27 -0800 (PST)

Subj:    March 20-21, 1999
Date:   98-10-25 08:57:51 EST
From: (Barbara Wolf)

Hello, this is Barbara Wolf.

Events during the weekend of March 20-21, l999:

Earth Day
Global Peace Blitz l999
Rockin' for Freedom 
World Renewal Celebrations
Global One Heart Moment
Mayan Solar Wave
The weekend of March 20-21, a moment in time when Humanity comes 
together for the GOODNESS of the planet, for the GOODNESS of all.

Unity in Diversity.
Each doing his own thing, whether in a group or alone, yet
all united in one great effort to help.
That is the weekend of March 20-21.
Do you want to join this great effort?
What will you do?
Do you have suggestions for others?
The Global Meditations web site has a March 20-21 page for your
Background on some events:

March 21, l970, John McConnell founded the first EARTH DAY, 
yearly celebrated at the Spring Equinox by the ringing of the peace 
bell at the United Nations, New York. This year, as last spring, 
cosmonauts on Mir space station will celebrate and connect to the UN 
celebration.  GlobalinksTV will use a satellite hookup to beam the 
Earth Day event to broadcasting stations world wide.

Global Peace Blitz l999 is a world wide effort to observe
Earth Day and to promote Peace during the weekend of March 20-21.

Do you want to help set this up by organizing a local event?
By notifying local radio and television stations?

GlobalinksTV is organizing Rockin' for Freedom, with an emphasis on 
musical events to call attention to injustices. There will be stages in
New York, Los Angeles, London, and television stations globally will be
beamed material by satellite for 21-hours of broadcasting. 

GlobalinksTV and Global Peace Blitz l999 will work closely together,
and this may be of interest to you, because my thought is that there 
may be opportunity here for public participation in the form of:

Peace poems, short essays by scientists, economists, environmentalists,
gardeners, and others, on how to help the earth.  

The Global Meditations web site still has world peace prayers sent in 
by you and you and you, and also the web site has seed suggestions for 
a Peace Garden.  Perhaps these can be sent for broadcasting.

If you can interest your local stations in March 20-21, this material
is available, plus other material you and you and you send in.

Certainly there is a way to send taped music to participating
broadcasting stations.  Several composers are on the Global 
Meditations email list.  Maybe they will be willing to compose music 
for the March 20-21 event.

There are many possibilities. The Global Meditations March 20-21 page 
awaits your suggestions.


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