Carol and Elizabeth
Dear one:
Happy holidays, solstice, new year, and whatever Y2K might bring. I'm just webbing it up usually, but I do have some life events to report.

In the spring my daughter Elizabeth came to California to say a last goodbye to her roots here before being married in August. We started out at Mt. Shasta to detox, relax, and say hello. My plan of going to Panther Meadow to see the peak and Grey Butte was not possible. The highway was blocked with a snowdrift over our heads and wind sprayed snowy drizzle in our faces. But we did find a youth hostel with a deck view of the peak and Stuart Hot Springs to soak and get a massage for Elizabeth. I grounded energies from my trip to New Zealand in 1996. I love Mt. Shasta.

Then we visited old friends and family in a string all along the coast. We did a few things that Elizabeth had wanted to do in those grade-school years in Monte Rio. A highlight was staying in a room in Jenner overlooking the ocean and seeing the seal nursery lined up on the sand. Elizabeth got champagne at Korbel winery after tasting.

Elizabeth's old friend and mentor, Eta took this Mother and Daughter photo of us in her front yard. Thanks, Eta!!!

In August, I went to New York City for the wedding. See a wedding report for details.

My immediate plan is to photograph the full moon on the solstice. It will be the brightest to be seen for 100 years. More artwork and photos for the millennium. I'll probably even watch the 24-hour shows on TV, hoping all the lights stay on.

Be well, take care, and love, Caroling

Solstice is at 7:32 Universal Time, December 22. I plan to participate in Wrinkle 9. I'll post results here. For background, see Caroling's wrinkles.

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