December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2001

Magic is afoot! Between one millennium and the next. Is it a moment? Is it a year? Virtually, be at the lookout. Here you are looking east, the last dusk of 1999 behind you, the first dawn of the year 2001 is beyond the horizon. The Wholeo symbol is active and the countdown to the official change of the millennium in 2001 is on. Cheers!

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In my mind's eye, I follow the path of light on the first day of the year 2000 from dawn in the first timezone through every hour around the world. That is a sacred period; a 24-hour wave. I take part in a wrinkle in time 2000.

This is a quote from the First Sunrise of the New Millennium page from the US Naval Observatory:

"The first populated land where the Sun will rise in the new millennium (and at the beginning of any other year) is at Kahuitara Point (44° 16' S 176° 9' W) on Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands, a dependency of New Zealand. The Sun will rise there at 16:04 (12/31) UT or 4:49 AM local time."
However, a chart at says that daylight savings time (DST) is in effect in the Chatham Islands, so that 16:04 UT is 5:49 DST the next morning on Pitt Island. For me in San Francisco, it is 8:04 on the morning of New Year's eve.

Global events provided background for the PBS Millennium 2000 celebration. The 25-hour TV show was great. Happened on December 31, 1999-January 1, 2000.

I am taking part in the Millennium Peace Crystal event on the Chatham Island. lists Global Meditations and related events.

EarthLink Mission did a first alignment on December 12, 1999.

Peace? Peace is to be at the Noint Joint, between thought waves. Meanwhile, see other Year 2000 links, that may or may not be valid after Jan 1, 2000. Also, Altar graphics. And, a millennium art exhibit.

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