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Wrinkle means QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) movies created by artists, photographers, and producers all around the earth, at specifically synchronized times. Learn about them, view them, or join them. This page has information and links for web sites and email list.

Web sites

Wrinkle 1, December solstice, 1997

Wrinkle 1 information and viewing at http://hotspotshawaii.com/wrinkle.html.

Wrinkle 2, March equinox, 1998

Wrinkle 2 viewing at: http://www.hotspotshawaii.com/wrinkleintime/wrinkle2/wrinkle/index.html.

Wrinkle 3, December solstice, 1998

Wrinkle 3 entry at http://www.misterat.com/wrinkle/index1.html.

Email list

The Wrinkle in Time Producer's List is a place to exchange information and comments about Wrinkle events and projects.

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subscribe wrinkle

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subscribe digest wrinkle

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