IPIX-free banners waving round the world


I like the round space of QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) and other immersive imaging movies. I view the space on the web and CDs and I create it, too. On April 7, 1999, bad news reached the community of developers. A big commercial business, Interactive Pictures (IPIX) threatened legal proceedings against an individual developer of the free Panorama Tools (Helmut Dersch). The outcry was immediate. IPIX says the last thing they wanted was to get media attention. Well, we (the community of developers) intend to provide them with all the last things they ever wanted. We hope to let them know that closing down Helmut's website, making false accusations, and threatening legal proceedings against him is not acceptable to us.

So a new twist to our spinning art form is born. It is the IPIX-free banner. With this art, a website proclaims to the world that it is boycotting IPIX for its bad business behavior. For a gallery, see http://vr.albury.net.au/~kathyw/EyePics/. Here's mine.

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