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Wholeo Online Immersive Interactive Imaging Path Plugins

This page has links to all software plugins used on the Wholeo Online immersive interactive imaging site. Flash and QuickTime are the most important. Zoom, iMove, and SuperCard are required for a few pages.


  Many works require Flash browser plug-in. If the left hand movie says "Flash 5 OK", you have the Flash 5+ plug-in. Otherwise, a graphic might say "Upgrade Flash" or if it is blank, you need the Flash plug-in. The other movie tests for Flash 8. Frequent updates are available from Adobe Macromedia. Less than 500KB download. Here is how to do it:

  1. Bookmark the Flash movie you want to see, then return to this page.
  2. Make sure your web connection is active.
  3. Go to the Macromedia download page.
  4. Click the download button.
    Results vary according to platform. If the installation is automatic, you can verify it with a test movie on the Macromedia page, and skip to the last step.
  5. If asked, save the Installer to your desktop.
  6. When the download is complete, locate the Installer and double-click on it. The Installer will launch and dialog boxes will lead you through the rest of the installation process.
  7. Quit the browser and restart.
  8. Return to the Flash movie you want to see. When it begins playing, your installation is successful.

Find answers about Macromedia Flash Player use, testing, and more in their list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You need get QT 4 QuickTime to see and hear movies. You can use a minimum, full, or custom download for Macintosh or Windows. A custom download needs only QuickTime essentials and Extras (for the QTVR). QuickTime includes a player, web browser plug-in, and essential software supporting MP3, VR, Flash, and other formats. Get one of the top web browser plug-ins for a great variety of file types such as graphics, music, sound, srites, text, VRs, panoramas, animation, and content streamed over the web. If you are having trouble seeing the movies, you might need more components. If you have a custom installation of all components, see immersive imaging for help page links.


You need iMove logo iMove viewer (for Mac or PC) for some spherical displays. The download includes both browser plugin and desktop viewer. The PC viewer only is available from the iMove site. This viewer was formerly named SmoothMove.


Note, obsolete: If you don't have Zoom or one of the versions of this applet developed from the Live Picture days, I don't know if you can get it. I'm redoing the pages requiring Zoom. However, this paragraph is here for historical reasons.
You need  MGI logo MGI Software Zoom viewer from http://www.mgisoft.com/support (or it was prior to 2003) to see some of the spherical displays. The viewer display is not high quality but the download is small for what you get. You can see sphere undistorted, in the round. You spin back, forth, up and down, just as you would look around if you were really there, inside. Put your pointer in the window and drag it around. The viewer space is a sphere. The download includes both browser plugin and desktop viewer. This viewer was formerly named Live Picture. (See also credits for Java applet.)


Note: the related SuperCard pages are obsolete, and could be updated, using a current technology.

You need a SuperCard web plug-in (previously named Roadster), to see a few special projects. Tested with Macintosh only, before 2000.

path iconSee immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime movies, at Wholeo Online.

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