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Wholeo Online Immersive Interactive Imaging Path Outline

This page shows what it is in each part of the Wholeo Online immersive interactive imaging site. Immersive means the view is around you and you are in it. Interactive means you can control the view. Imaging includes Apple QuickTime, QTVR, Live Picture, Flash and other viewers and art. I got into this spin with QTVR, so it still is the dominant life form here.

QTVR stands for QuickTime Virtual Reality. QuickTime is available for Macintosh and PC computers. For free software see plug-ins used on Wholeo Online pages. See this page for many links to Apple Computer pages. For help using the software with Wholeo Online site movies, see How 2 use QTVR and QuickTime settings. Also, see links, production "How2"s, or Caroling's wrinkles.

*** warning *** QuickTime Macintosh users: there is a Macintosh-only virus or worm. To prevent infection, turn off "Enable CD-ROM AutoPlay" in the QuickTime Settings Control Panel. (Uncheck the box.) For info, see http://www.brianjones.com/worm.html. *** end warning ***

Wholeo Online



  • In healing/EIE, a 3D color healing spacecreated for Wrinkle 4, the September 1998 equinox. A How2 page shows the steps taken to create this set of QTVRs.
  • Three views of a color port. One QTVR and two spheres in Live Picture viewers. See the explanation and storyboards, too.
  • Flash movie sketch for the animated immersion path icon. The button is a altar that can be any window size. Be sure to mouseover and click/hold the image. See also the description.



In acts/ritePassage/wedding, engage and wed object movies spin their magic.

In Evolution/Transform/envision, Kauai and the inner eye are transforming.

In Ritual Spaces/Lost and Found,

In geometry are several panoramas about being inside the structures of consciousness.


These pages include the art, panoramas, design, and background information.

Medicine Wheel


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