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Panorama Tools

Panorama Tools is a Photoshop plug-in that is powerful and free, for editing and transforming virtual images : (panoramas, spheres ... from rectilinear, panoramic, or fish eye photographs). It is a swiss army knife (a compact tool with many uses) of immersive VR images.

IPIX (Interactive Pictures Corporation) is trying to create a monopoly in the domain of spherical VR images. It defeats its competitors with its patents, which are considered excessive. With this strategy, IPIX is trying with no basic reason to intimidate Helmut Dersch, the German author of the plug-in. Not able to attack the development of the plug-in, IPIX attacks from behind, denouncing the use of a spherical VR photo on Helmut Dersch's site, as violating copyright rights. In fact, the photo was taken by and belongs to Helmut Dersch!

On April 8, 1999, Helmut Dersch closed his Internet site that provides the free download of his plug-in. It is a battle of intimidation between David and Goliath. The community of developers, production agencies, photographers, and artists are rising up to denounce such practices. IPIX attacks an independent developer. What might follow if we don't respond?

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