Five Cells Expand into EIEnor

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Here is a movie where five 3D cells expand into an EIEnor, where five standard cells congregate and synergize. Called five-fold synergy. I don't know if this is a logical arrangement or physical, but this shows the relationships geometrically. The faces of each colored cube relate to the EIEnor in a unique position. Each expanded vertex of their ten inner tetrahedrons (two tetrahedrons in each cube) shares a position with another vertex. There are 40 vertexes that expand to 20 triangles in the EIEnor. In the movie, the triangles that blink between two colors show each equally.

This 1-minute movie completes a 4-second movie that is part of it.

The 6 cube faces expand.

The 8 faces of the two tetrahedrons within the cube expand.

The geometric form is a rhombicosidodecahedron.

orange 1 yellow 2 cyan 3 blue 4 violet 5
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